Band Biographys

A Quick Look

Throughout the course of their musical union, the members of The Sound Of Springsteen have won over the hearts of music lovers from all walks of life. Performing at a variety of venues and making countless public appearances all the while recording new song versions, this talented Band has earned the admiration and affection of critics and fans alike. Get in touch to learn more about their musical expertise, repertoire, and performance rates.

In no particular order, please find some interesting information on each Member of the band.

SAM CONFREY lead vocals/guitars/harmonicas

Since studying at music college, Sam has been fortunate enough to work with some phenomenal players such as Miller Anderson (Spencer Davis Group, Keef Hartley), Herbie Flowers (Lou Reed, T-Rex) and Pete Friesen (Alice Cooper, The Almighty) to name a few - even getting to record in the legendary Studio 2 at Abbey Road! For the last 15 years, Sam has plied his trade with the Alter Eagles and now brings his love of the Fender Telecaster and soulful vocals to The Sound Of Springsteen.


JERRY STEVENSON backing vocals/guitars

Below are some of the artists that I have been lucky enough to work with on stage or in the studio (in no particular order):

Chris Rea, Procol Harum, The Beach Boys, Barbara Dickson, Tony Hadley, Ray Davies, Peter Green, Sherman Robertson, Andy Fairweather-Low, Sarah Jory, John Parr, Love Affair, Jan Akkerman, Miriam Stockley, Duanne Eddy, The Grants, Ike and Tina Turner, Elaine Paige, Cliff Richard…

Some of the artists featured in my production, recording or mastering work:

Elton John, Frankie Miller, Bonnie Tyler, Joe Walsh, Huey Lewis, Steve Cropper, Delbert McClinton, Rod Stewart, Willie Nelson, Dr. Feelgood, Miriam Stockley, Chris Rea, The Hamsters, Sax Appeal, Dave O’Higgins, Austin Gold, WillE and the Bandits, Barbara Dickson, Lance Ellington, The Jazz Sluts, Tony Hadley…

Influences etc.

I grew up listening constantly to Hendrix and Clapton but quickly became interested in a wider spectrum of players and styles from Albert Lee to Jeff Beck and also some much earlier blues. Later I was amazed and inspired by Larry Carlton both on his own and in the context of Steely Dan. I’ve always enjoyed a well crafted and atmospheric song both in the rock and pop idioms, so the Eagles appear high on the list. I like good examples of most kinds of stuff really, great songs with appropriate solos!

Equipment for the Sound of Springsteen:

Fender Stratocaster Guitars, Various acoustics, Line 6 Helix processor, Line 6 Wireless system, Shure in ear monitoring.

MIKEY CIANCIO drums/percussion

As a child, growing up in the small town of Leighton Buzzard, Mikey’s parents were both avid music lovers. He grew up listening to an eclectic mix of rock, soul, pop and funk music, and took up drumming at the age of eleven. Drumming quickly became Mikey’s life and passion and in 2011 and 2012, he made it into the top ten finalists of the Young Drummer of the Year competition. Since then, Mikey has continued to develop his skillset, drawing inspiration from a variety of musicians and styles. Today, he continues to study and play alongside other professional players whilst managing and teaching at his own private drum school.

Mikey is looking forward to joining the band for The Sound of Springsteen tour 2019.

RICHARD J.FINCH TURNER backing vocals/bass

Richard was born a couple of decades after the middle of the 20th Century, and has been involved in the making and performing of all types of music for nearly 30 years now. His interest in music began in childhood and so it was no surprise to those who know him, when he decided to embark on a career in music. Initially he took up electric bass and within a year was gigging with local bands in the South East of England, London and Kent areas.

Richard believes that he was drawn to the electric bass by his exposure to the music of Motown and The Beatles at his parents house and in his Mum’s car. The infectious grooves of James Jamerson and melodic playing of Paul McCartney gave him a subconscious predilection towards the bass. In his teenage years Richard was introduced to the music of Canadian rockers Rush and that was the first time he was actually aware of the electric bass as an instrument. A few years later it was an album by British jazz-funkers Level 42 that caught his attention, and that was it…the instrument was decided…in 1984 Richard bought his first bass.

Since then he has performed all over the UK and in many countries in Europe including Austria, Germany, France, Belgium, The Nerderlands, Spain, Italy Turkey and Greece, The Czech Republic, Slovakia and also in Russia, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Oman and Bahrain with many different bands and projects.

Richard plays Wal custom 5 string basses and Fender Jazz basses through Markbass amplification

STUART WALKER backing vocals/keyboards

Stuart has been playing professionally since the age of 20 and has had worked as Musical Director and Musician for many artistes.

Stuart is a huge Springsteen Fan.

MARK PORCH backing vocals/guitar

Mark has been playing guitar since the mid 1970’s with a variety of bands ranging from the two- guitars-bass-and-vocals-into-a-small-practice-amp variety to the Rattling around in transits up and down the UK and playing festivals in front of enthusiastic European crowds.A particularly memorable gig was depping for the late, great Big Jim Sullivan in the South of France at a massive nudist colony for three weeks. Very sobering to have half your audience in the buff, most of whom were in, shall we just say, their twilight years.

Numerous bands have come and gone. The current band, OTR, once featured the incomparable talents of one Mr Garreth Hicklin, the brains behind the Sound of Springteen, before he moved on to greater things in the shape of the Illegal Eagles, so it’s a pleasure to be collaborating with him again.

Mark currently plays with Off The Record and has passed through numerous bands, most of which failed to have quite the seismic impact on the music world that was hoped for at their inception, so it is with some trepidation and a great deal of excitement that the opportunity to play with some premier division musicians has been afforded him.


Guitars: American Standard Fender Stratocaster retro fitted with Seymour Duncan Cool Rails, Gibson Custom Shop 1960 VOS Les Paul, Gordon Smith Telecaster custom spec.

Amplification: Award Session BluesBaby 45 Watt 2x12 combo, Boss Multi FX, Marshall JMP-1 pre-amp, Digitech GSP1101 preamp/effects, TC Electronic G-Major2 effects, Marshall Speaker cabs

GLEN JOHNSON backing vocals/sax/keys/guitar

Since taking up the saxophone at the age of 12, Music has been virtually the sole focus of Glen’s life. Initially inspired to try the instrument by his stepfather (himself a former professional saxophonist), he was soon guided towards the music of some of the great jazz saxophonists such as Charlie Parker, Cannonball Adderley and John Coltrane, and so his obsession with the instrument began. 


Throughout his teenage years, Glen played in many bands, learning valuable lessons from the older musicians around him; not just about music, but also about drinking, bad advice about women and a whole plethora of reasons why a career as a professional musician was a bad decision.  However, undeterred he stumbled blindly headlong into that very career.


Since his early 20s, Glen has been fortunate enough to play professionally in a wide variety of styles and  has shared stages with an array of excellent musicians, from playing classic Rock and Roll with Chubby Checker; Arab/Jazz fusion with Rabih Abou-Khalil; Reggae and Ska with Maroon Town; Funk with Nik West (Prince, Quincy Jones) and regularly gigs with some of the UK’s finest Jazz musicians.  He has played at venues and festivals across the UK and Europe, including  the Freedom Sounds Festival in Cologne, and a headline slot at Arena Santa Giuliana in Perugia as part of the world renowned Umbria Jazz Festival.


In addition to his busy playing schedule, Glen also works as a horn section arranger and a recording session musician, both on location at some of London’s finest studios and working remotely from his home studio; and as a tutor on Saxophone, Clarinet and Flute.


Glen has now been gigging regularly for 25 years on saxes, flute, clarinet, electric bass, guitar and vocals, and as a long time admirer of The Boss, is very much looking forward to bringing that experience to the Sound of Springsteen and getting the opportunity to emulate, in sound if not in appearance, the one and only ‘Big Man’, Clarence Clemons.

PHILLIPA COOKMAN backing vocals/guitar

Phillipa was born into a musical family and spent her childhood at various festivals and gigs her father was playing. With many guitars lying around the house, she started learning to play at around seven years old and quickly fell in love it. Not long after, she followed her mother into the theatre and began performing in local productions including Musical Theatre and Pantomime. At age 16, Phillipa went to a specialist theatre college to study performing arts and developed her

singing technique. This was around the time she started singing in bands, and this quickly became her main focus.

At 19, Phillipa went to study Commercial Music and after 3 years came away with an honors degree specialising in vocal performance. During this time she learnt production, songwriting, music business as well as music performance and racked up many gigs, studio hours and a national tour.


Phillipa was fortunate enough to be accepted at the prestigious Royal Academy of Music in London to study for her postgrad. Here she had the opportunity to perform with Elton John at the Royal Albert Hall as well as solo and ensemble performances at many other top London theatres, as well as getting trained by some of the worldʼs best vocal coaches.

After completing her studies she continued to work as both & lead and backing vocalist in many bands around the UK as well as internationally. Jobs in Dubai, South Korea, Israel, America and Europe fuelled her love of travel and gave her invaluable experience in touring. In 2012 Phillipa started working on cruise ships and still performs as the featured soloist onboard when not working back at home in the UK.


No stranger to tribute acts, she has worked as a backing vocalist for tributes to Adele, Lady GaGa, Katy Perry, Rihanna, Britney Spears and One Direction both in the UK and internationally. Being a HUGE Boss fan, Phillipa canʼt wait to work with Sound Of Springsteen and perform his songs as their very own ‘Pattiʼ.